Guide to the Steem Ecosystem (Free Udemy Course)

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Hi Everyone,

I have just released my course ‘Guide to the Steem Ecosystem’. This course can be found on Udemy. I worked on this course for about 6 weeks. I did not know before I started that I would end up with over 13 hours of video content to share. I found doing the research rewarding, as I was learning more and more about Steem as I went along. I had a big advantage as I have been on Steem for 2 ½ years and I have made an effort to remain updated with events in the Steem Ecosystem. It now feels great to have all this content in one place, which is also available for anyone else to access.

Why is there a need for the course?


I explained in a previous post that I believe a new Steem Udemy course is needed. There are several existing courses but most of these courses are Steemit focused and a little out-of-date considering all the new developments that have taken place on the Steem blockchain in the past year. There are currently very few free courses. I believe the course should be free so as encourage as many people as possible to find out more about Steem.

What this course offers


The Guide to the Steem Ecosystem takes a much broader approach to Steem than most other courses. The course explores many of the Steem user interfaces such as Steemit, SteemPeak, Busy, and Partiko. The course explores DApps such as Steem Monsters, SteemHunt, Actifit, DTube, and 3Speak. The course explains how to use many of the Steem tools such as SteemWorld, Steem Reports, MinnowBooster, and SteemAuto. The course even broadly explains Steem Engine Tokens and Tribes.

The course does not focus on just blogging and content creators. Instead, it looks at a much broader range of potential users such as investors; readers, viewers, and listeners of content; and even developers. The course contains three videos explaining how to utilise Steem Power to earn rewards in Steem as well support projects, authors, initiatives, and witnesses. Because of the depth of information provided, I believe this course will be useful to both new and more seasoned users.


My post ‘Guide to Steem Ecosystem Course Content’ contains outlines for all 56 videos currently in the course. The course will be updated with important new additions to Steem as they become available.

This post contains the first video in the series as well as two other videos, which briefly explain the course. The YouTube versions of these videos can be accessed using the following links.

2 Minute Course Preview Video

1 Minute Course Preview Video

Course Outline

I hope you find the videos and the information provided in this and the previous post useful. If you do, please head over to Udemy to try the course.

More posts


If you want to read any of my other posts, you can click on the links below. These links will lead you to posts containing my collection of works. These posts will be updated frequently.




Economics Udemy Course


I have another Udemy course titled ‘Economics is for Everyone’. The course focuses on how economics affects everyday people, the decisions they make and how they interact with the world around them. The course contains 24 video lectures (about 4 hours of viewing), 64 multiple-choice questions (3 at the end of most lectures), 32 downloadable resources (presentation slides, additional notes and links to relevant Steem posts), and 2 scenario questions. The course is currently free-of-charge. Click the link above to access the course.



Steem - The Future of DApps


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That's gonna attract lots of new people out there bringing more curiosity about this amazing blockchain and platform

Yeah, that's the plan. Steem needs a lot more exposure. The course provides both exposure as well as very useful information.

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Post like these that explain the system well, I love them. thank you very much.

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No problem. I aim to spread as much information about Steem as possible.

First image says it all :)
Yeah... resteeming...
Good work!

Thanks @trayan. Any extra attention will help.

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Of course.. we're LIVE :) doin' it in the moment :)

this course looks so good man!

Thanks @kingscrown.

Good Intro on udemy,It's a great work you have done I will share and recommend this course to others?

Thanks @freakerz. Would be great to get the word out.

Great Job.

Thank you @achimmertens.

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That is cool stuff, I will use this for the new Steemians I create after my 2020 roadshow in Germany, wich starts in Stuttgart at the of January - See at