Engaging young people in the tennis sport - Tennis training at Home (Aggressive Fore hand and Back hand techniques)

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The tennis training sessions are becoming more aggressive. More movements are incorporated in the training. Aggressiveness is very much needed in the sport. No pain no gain. These young people must endure the exhaustion felt while chasing that ball.

It’s not an easy task for them now but they have to learn to put up with it because during the game play their opponents won’t make it easy for them. They have to be physically fit and more consistent.

Watch the action in the video clip below:

Using the tennis to engage young people in my community as a channel of making a difference in their lives. I envision these young people as people who are going to turn out to be great tennis players in the country who will be representing the country in the many international tennis tournaments.

One step at a time. I am planning to purchase more equipment such as tennis balls, rackets, strings, grips, Tennis-net to be used in the facilitation of the sport.

tennis at home.png

Stay tuned for more tennis training sessions.

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