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Blizzard delves into multiplayer first-person action games with a spectacular debut called to become one of the genre's greatest references

Eighteen years and a failed project have been necessary for Blizzard to finally find the key when creating a game based on a new universe that had nothing to do with its most legendary sagas, such as Diablo, Starcraft or Warcraft, but As they say, the wait has been very worthwhile. Overwatch not only represents the premiere of a world and characters created for the occasion, but also the debut of the Californian company in a field with which they had not dared until now, such as that of multiplayer first-person action. The result? One of the new references of the genre.

The world needs heroes
As we just commented, we are facing a first-person camera shooter focused solely and exclusively on multiplayer. That is, if you are looking for a campaign and ways to exploit the title alone, it would be best if you looked at other options because here you will not find any of that. It is not ruled out that something similar will be introduced in the future, but at the moment it is not something that is being worked on and, of course, it would be very far from becoming its main claim.

Most weapons have no recoil, so aiming with them is usually somewhat more or less easy, although they are all very different and fun to use.

However, the new Blizzard is far from being "one more" within its genre, since the studio has managed to give it an interesting twist to create something different and with personality that amuses like few others. For starters, here we will not control an anonymous character, but a series of heroes with their own personality, abilities, weapons, playable possibilities and unique characteristics.

They are all so different from each other that going from one to the other is almost like changing the game, since the only thing they can have in common is the role they play in battle (support, attack, defense and tank). As soon as we meet a character capable of flying and firing rockets from the air, another who is dedicated to teleporting around the stage at full speed and rewinding his own time, to mention just two examples of the enormous diversity that the fighters.

In fact, here we find the greatest strength of the entire title. All the heroes have a great design, they are tremendously charismatic, they are hilarious to play and they offer such a wide variety of play styles that it is rare that we will not find several that adapt to our preferences.

The game will give us some recommendations on the type of character that our team needs to be balanced.

In addition, it is very easy to learn to control them and in just a few minutes of testing with any of them we will be very aware of all their possibilities, although of course, this does not mean that the product lacks depth, quite the contrary. There are many advanced techniques and "tricks" that we will learn with practice to get the most out of them, many of them to be done in combination with other characters, in specific settings and in certain situations.

In general, the squad is well balanced enough so that everyone has something to contribute to the game and there is none that feels "useless", although it does not get rid of the odd mismatch with characters that can give more problems than normal with certain equipment configurations (for example, Bastion in defense with a Reinhardt who is responsible for protecting him with his shield can give us a lot of headaches)

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