What to do in quarantine: 5 Nintendo Switch video games to enjoy as a family

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The coronavirus outbreak has forced the population to stay at home, making entertainment media more resorted than ever, and the video game industry is aware of the situation as many developers have released many titles in advance. free.

But, despite the great offer of platforms and titles that currently exists, sometimes the biggest challenge is to find video games that satisfy all tastes, or that, at least, include all members of the family, so We've put together a list of five of the funniest Nintendo Switch video games to enjoy with everyone in the household.

#1 Mario Kart 8 Deluxe


Maybe the favorite title for racing fans. Launched in 2017, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe continues to record a high rate of sales, as the public prefers it due to the great offer of characters, game modes, tracks, challenges and surprises. This game guarantees hours of fun for the whole family, since, in addition to the local multiplayer, it allows online interaction, so you do not have to leave the house to also play with your friends or distant relatives.

#2 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


Frenetic fights and a huge roster of players will make Super Smash Bros. Ultimate the ideal title for families who like challenges and action. Published in 2018, the crossover par excellence in the world of video games will allow them to use Charizard, Kirby, Mario, Link, Terry Bogard and many more in scenarios improved compared to past installments.

#3 Splatoon 2


Another of the great successes of the Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly Splatoon 2, a delivery that repositioned the franchise thanks to guaranteed fun in local and online multiplayer. Squids and unique characters will be the protagonists of the most frenetic painting wars, accentuated with a lot of humor and solid mechanics. The success of the Wii U is revived to turn homes into real eSports arenas to better cope with quarantine.

#4 Overcooked! 2


Preparing food has never been so much fun. Posted in 2018, Overcooked! 2 brings the most frenzied and fun kitchen of video games to the Nintendo Switch. With local and online multiplayer support, this simulator promises long gaming sessions through puzzles, mini-games and lots of humor. Prepare the best recipes with your family.

#5 Super Mario Party


Everyone in the home will enjoy Super Mario Party, a title with a board structure that offers a lot of tests and small challenges. The popular mini-game saga landed on the Switch in 2018 and allows online and local multiplayer to combat boredom during quarantine.

It should be noted that all these titles are available in physical and digital format, so even if you prefer the first one, it will not be necessary to leave the house, since many online stores have them and deliver them to your door in a short time.

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