Let's Make a Collage - A Contest for All Creatives on Hive - Round 37

in hive-174695 •  6 days ago 

Hello everyone, how are you meeting me again tonight, and this time I want to take part in the contest created by @shaka exactly at the 37th contest.

And some of these images I edited using apps PicsArt and in those pictures I changed some of the colors of the picture and also the art, a different picture, from the original picture,




And this is the original image given by Mr. @shaka for you to take part in the 37th contest and for more information about the 37th contest from Mr. @shaka you can click directly below it.

Welcome everyone to Round 37 of Let's Make a Collage!
As usual a few updates ...


Maybe this is all I can say in my contest post this time hopefully you can like it,

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Thank you for your entry! Interesting play with this vertical mirroring. Great idea with the rising sun in the center.

If you wish to support your fellow LMAC contributors you can now follow the LMAC curation trail on hive.vote. The trail will support all valid entries to the LMAC contest, just as it supported yours.

Okey Thanks you,