The state of STEEM and HIVE it's like watching two angry kids fighting...

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So, i have been on the sidelines these days, without too much desire to write anything more elaborated, but i have been reading and watching what is happening both here on STEEM and on HIVE, and honestly... i am disapointed with both sides.

It's not like my opinion would matter much to any side, but i want to vent it out a bit.

As i predicted, the fork happened because neither side were willing to reach an agreement, and didn't wanted to move out of their positions to find a common ground that would benefit both sides, and the community as a whole.

Well, so, let's all move on with our projects and be happy right?


Altough the picture above is pretty cool, and it's a great photography, it doesn't reflect the current state of both chains.

Something like this would be more fitting:


It's just how things are right now.

Everywhere i look, there is someone complaining how "evil" Justin is, and he wants to censor everything, or how "evil" the HIVE witness are and how they don't deserve to have a voice on Steemit.

It's just sad to see.

I used to look at this place like a place full of potential, still to be explored, and all it took was a big company do something stupid to show how things are for real.

While HIVE witness (not all though) complained about censorship, when implenting the fork, they excluded a lot of accounts besides Steem Inc. Stake, just because they at voted for Tron witness.

How is that for freedom of speech huh?

Now, if they want to have their share on HIVE, they will have to kneel before the witness, and as for permission to have their stake back.

It's so sad.

image.pngKneel before your witness! (Nicolas Poussin - The Judgment of Solomon)

On the other side, Tron/Steemit Inc. started to "mute" anyone that talks about HIVE from the frontend.

You know, the usual "business practice" of not allowing anyone talk about the competition.


Honestly, what i see is a total shitshow, while "common people" can't do much, and just watch the world burn, because those in power, as always, have deaf ears to the "lower class".

And you know what is the saddest part of it all?

Captura de tela 20200324 16.35.25.png

Captura de tela 20200324 16.35.17.png

You can't leave any of the cities while it burn to the ground....

See you all soon (or maybe not)

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