Great Donations from DFAcademy to the Nobel Community

in nobel •  2 months ago 

Hello Everyone,

in my last post about the nobel donations I showed, that @dfacademy has earned a lot of money.
They have got 789 Steem with the Nobeltoken, because they are working on charity projects, write about it, using the hashtag #nobel and get upvoted by curators, that have staked Nobel.

Then came the big surprise:

They gave everything back to me:


This is sooo great! DFAcademy are really trustworthy!

Today I put the money back into the Nobel-world and could make some more charity workers happy:


congratulations to:

For more details see: or watch my video on youtube (German with German and English subtitles):
Höchst effizient spenden

Achim Mertens

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Congratulations to @dfcademy for the good heart your spreading in different parts of world for doing charity work through mr. @achimmertens
May the Almighty God blesses you all who are putting in hand to do charity work.

Congratulations to @dfcademy for the great charity work done so far. Keep it up! Thanks so much @achimmertens for the great continued support for Charity initiatives on the Steem blockchain. Woow.. I am also grateful for the acknowledgement in this blog post.

Hi, @achimmertens!

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