Great Steem Earnings With Nobel

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Hi Steemians, Hi charity friends,

yesterday I was able to buy Nobel in a total value of 1061 Steem. This means in return, that
the sellers of Nobel got this amount of money into their wallets.

Here are the recipients:
Congratulations to:

You have got this money, because you either:

  • wrote articles about charity with the hashtag #nobel and have been upvoted
  • you have staked Nobel and upvoted other posts (5% curation reward)
  • you have bought Noble before and sold it now

This table is only the snapshot from my transactions. If you you want to see all, go to

If you want to see another order of people or projects, you need staked Noble and then you can upvote for your favorite posts. It's in the hand of the community, who gets the Nobel-token.

The amount of Steem a person gets with Nobel depends on:

  • How much posts with #nobel one writes, that give a good proof of charity
  • How much upvotes this posts got (by people with staked Nobel)
  • On which price one sells the Nobel on
    • The lower the price, the more sure one can sell it
    • The higher the price, the more one gets, but also the higher is the risk, that one get nothing.

This time I bought Nobel for a price of 0.08 Steem/Nobel, so everyone, who was in this range or cheaper, got the money:

For more details see: or watch my video on youtube (Germin with German and English subtitles):
Höchst effizient spenden

Achim Mertens

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Great work you're doing with #nobel. I will be starting off my charity project with Nobel soon. Thanks for the good work.

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Thank you for always supporting our charity project #seedsoflove.

Thanks for your great work of love through charity.

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I, unfortunately, missed that opportunity of selling some of my Nobel tokens on Steem engine. Otherwise, thanks so much @achimmertens for the continued great support towards charity.

Next time, you are in the game 🙂