How to make people happy with NOBEL

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Hi folks,

this post is to show how easy it is to make lots of people happy.
Here on, one can find people, that have projects to help other people. They have been upvoted by people, that have staked NOBEL:
These people sell their NOBEL on the market:
And then, willing donators can just buy NOBEL. With this, the money is distributed among the sellers, depending on what they were willing to get for it. The cheapest price can sell first. In this example I bought 10,000 NOBEL for a price of 0,04 Steem/NOBEL and here you can see who profits from it:
The exchange rate is in the moment about: 1000 NOBEL = 40 STEEM = 6 USD

I hope this helps the right people most.

If you also want to help needy people and their supporters, you can also buy NOBEL.
You can stake it to get more voting influence or you can send it to @anobel, the distribution bot, to return the NOBEL back into the system, or you can sell it later, when the price is hopefully better.

Regards, Achim

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Hi @achimmertens

Making people happy? such a difficult goal. it's even harder than to make money ....

I respect your work, however my strong belief tells me that the only long term way to help those in need is by teaching them how to solve their own problems. Or by creating job opportunity for them.

Giving money and receiving nothing in return create wrong mindset.

Upvote on the way :)
Yours, Piotr

Hi Piotr,
thank you for your honest answer.
Yes, maybe the first person that was happy was myself. Having the feeling to do something good.
And I agree with you, that gifting money to needy people is not the solution in the long run.
NOBEL is thought to give money not directly to people in need but to the supporters of them.
I can see in the list of recipients that there are people like @fucho80, @gloroiuskids, @dfacademy, @elkezakseg,...
These people help others and therefor I want to support them.
btw.: I'm reading about Project Hope and maybe there are some overlappings with my project. So when you write about a project, where you help those in need to solve their own problems, you can also use the #nobel tag. I'm going to upvote it (because you are in the target group) and to support you as well with some little money.

Thank you very much for the surprising gift, GOD BLESS YOU!